Albuquerque  Region

RingIR, Inc.

Category Technical/Scientific Manufacturing
Contacts Charles Harb President, CEO Anna Harb Secretary
Location 609 Broadway Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Revolutionary Molecular Fingerprinting Technology

RingIR is a company commercializing network-capable, real-time optical monitoring detection technology that will revolutionize gas sensing. RingIR will make critical gaseous substance measurements cost effective, rapid and robust, providing the community with breakthrough “molecular fingerprinting” technology, and operating:

• without fatigue
• with safety in hostile environments and,
• the ability to send data seamlessly to operators

RingIR utilizes patented technology that combines mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers, optical cavities and DSPs in a modern never before realizable approach, to provide end-users with real-time detection systems with unprecedented speed, sensitivity and reliability.

KEYWORDS: molecular fingerprinting technology, New Mexico start-up, optical monitoring